Who fixes flash drives??

Hi everyone,

My flashdrive is literally broken in half in 2 pieces. I've read on here that you can solder the connections back together or even place the memory into an identical flash drive in order to recover all the files. I do not trust myself attempting to do any of this so does anyone know what business or companies would actually do this for? I was thinking of trying best buy but I doubt they would actually solder something. I live in Philadelphia so not a small town or anything. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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  1. Well you should be able to just go buy one somewhere for cheap (2gb drives are about 10 or 20 bucks) and that should be fine, you would just have to re copy the files onto it

    No real reason to try and repair it if you can get one for fairly cheap and not end up pulling your hair out
  2. Only problem is I need to get the files off of the flash drive first. That's the only reason I need it fixed. I (very stupidly and have learned my lesson) don't have a back up of the files anywhere. I need them pulled off of the broken flash drive.
  3. Ooh, Im not sure, you could try taking it to microcenter, frys, best buy, etc and see if they have something there, not really sure though
  4. If it's only the USB connector has parted company from the circuit board a friend with a soldering iron might be able to fix it.

    I wouldn't bother unsoldering the memory chip unless you can find an identical model (and then wreck that ?) also heat and static are likely to destroy the data and or the chip.
  5. Usually the printed circuit boards traces are broken off. I tried to resolder them, I could not get it to work. The traces were broken and it was close t impossible to bridge the gaps with solder. A flash drive should be backed up. I would try to get an one piece flash drive next time.
  6. Go to an experience electrician. You can find them at small computer shops or TV repair shops. You may also see their ads in one of the free publications or something. They may not be tech savy enough to post an ad on craigs list, but they can solder back together just about anything.
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