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Hi all, not sure if this is the right section to post in but here goes.

Starting a few month ago my computer has been having a problem where i try to login in to my vista profile and i have to slam on the cntrl alt del keys to get my computer to unlock because it wont let me select my profile or anything else on the screen. When i finally get it to let me login i will be doing whatever...typing on the internet looking at pictures, anything thats not a video game will lock up afer about 10 or 15 mins. And then i will have to slam on the control alt del keys again over and over and over to get task manager to come up and that will let me click on things again.

Now the past couple weeks have gotten worse. My computer will lock up and i cant click or select anything after just a minute or two and cntrl alt del doesn't always work anymore sometimes i will have to restart/shutdown to get it to let me click things..but of course just for a few minutes.

When i bought fallout 3 the other day and try to run it my controls would get messed up to the point where i cant even play. i figured it was the keyboard or mouse so i switched them both with others that i had and i got the same problem. i got so frustrated that i uninstalled vista and reinstalled it on the same hard drive. But right up startup of a fresh OS i had the same problem of not being able to click on things. Next i went as far as to get a FRESH HD never been used and installed XP on it. Yet again once XP started up i had the same problem.

So my question is WTf? lol what is wrong with my computer? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

System specs
Vista 32 bit home edition / XP home edition
1 80 gig HD/ 1 300 Gig HD
Some regular Samsung Cd/Dvd drive
Nvidia 8800GTS 320 MB
Intel core 2 duo e6400? 1066mhz
EVGA Nforce 680i Mobo
2x 1GB Corsair DDR2 (Forgot the speed)

It may be worth noting that i overclock everything on my system to its limits..on stock cooling. The processor i pushed the farthest. Stock FSB was 800mhz i was running it at 1569mhz with the regular stock fan and heatsink. So i'm guessing the problem lies with the processor or Mobo.
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  1. Stock FSB @ 800 with an e6400.. thats 800x8= 6.4 Ghz!! Nvdia isn't a good OCing chip so I doubt you can push it that far..
    anyway.. what
    What PSU are you using? What KB/Mouse -ps2 or usb? I'd check the usb ports first. Try switching to a ps2 if you are using a usb just to test. USB controller can be failing.
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