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Hi. My system is currently setup as a 2x HDD JBOD Raid system. I've been experiencing problems with one of the HDDs. I wanted to reset the system to a standard 2 SATA HDD system. I want to know if it is possible to just change the Raid settings in the Raid menu without having to reformat. Also, Is it possible to remove just one HDD from the JBOD Raid system (can I remove just one in the menu without reformatting either disk and not affecting the second disk, where it stays in JBOD Raid.)

Also, what are the best tools to check for and repair disk problems. I've used Win 7's error checking in Disk Properties, and it finds bad sectors, but are their better programs that will show the extent of damage and if the drive is going to fail completely soon. I've used Seagates Seatools and it fails on the short and long tests.

Thanks for everything.
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  1. I probably need more information to answer your question completely, but the best action is to first copy your most important data off the computer ASAP. If your drive survives that process, then create a windows 7 backup and store it on another drive. Now you can replace the drive and recreate your computer from the Windows backup and saved data. JBOD is probably not the best idea for storing data you really care about. You just dont know what data is stored on which drive, etc and your failure rate is double over a single drive. I'm not sure how long you have had these drives, but bad sectors are not a good sign. The failures on the short or long test are not good either. There is no way to tell when your drive will totally fail, but I would currently consider it unreliable and replace it as soon as you have secured your data. Hopefully that is before the drive stops working. There is a chance that you have file corruption from the bad sectors too.
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