Internet Explorer icons blocking the real data icons inside the cd/dvd

how to remove the weird blocking icons on the real data icons of the cd/dvd? here's the proof:
answer a.s.a.p please, thanks! :)
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  1. Where did that disk come from? Does this happen on all of your disks? How about icons on the computer? If you right-click on the icons and look at the properties do they show up as a normal folder/file?
  2. yes it happens to all of my disk, but not on the computer. Also it doesn't happen on the properties tab..
  3. If the filename extensions are HTM or HTML they will show your browser that will handle the icons associated as the icon.

    It could also be that your icon cache is corrupt.
    To renew,
    Change your screen color depth and then restore it again.

    Right-click desktop in an empty area (free of icons).
    Select Properties
    Click Settings tab
    Change color depth to a lower number and click apply.
    Change color depth back to where it was, click apply.

    Re-check disk for improper icons.
  4. I also had the similar problem but now it is sorted by adjusting as above.

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