Sony Optiarc wont open!

Hello, I just purchased AD-7240S-0B from OEM, just last week.
I installed it via SATA cable and the SATA power cable from my power supply.
This drive will not open when i hit the eject button! The green LED on the front is also always on when my computer is on. Wondering if there is a BIOS setting I'm missing because it is SATA interface instead of IDE, or if its an issue with Windows 7, or even my motherboard. I dont believe it's my motherboard because I've tried all of the SATA ports, and I have two SATA hard drives and they work fine.Please help me out! I DO have the latest firmware (1.3) i believe it is. I thought CD/DVD Players/Burners were pretty much plug and play :( maybe I just have a bad manufactured one. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Try using the emergency eject button to see if the drive is simply stuck.

    There should be a small pin hole on the right side between the eject button and the drive slot. Use an untwisted paperclip, thin toothpick or eyeglass screwdriver set to hit the button.
  2. no, its not stuck. i can manually eject it :O)
  3. the drive is being recognized in the bios and in windows 7 just fine, its just that nothing happens when i hit the open/close button :(
  4. Contact Sony support. If that doesn't help, send it back and get something else. LG is a good brand.
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