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One of my friends is having problems with their computer - they can't get their keyboard to work, and have even bought a new keyboard, which still doesn't work.

I looked at the old keyboard and noticed one of the pins is bent, and the middle black connector had come off. I looked inside the PS2 port on the computer and noticed that the black connector was stuck inside, so I removed this with a pin. I thought this would fix it, but it hasn't made any kind of difference.

I've noticed that in the Device Manager there is a yellow warning next to the keyboard and VGA, stating that there are errors.

Also when I boot up the computer, the mouse works fine, but as soon as I press one of the keys on the keyboard the mouse also stops working.

I've tried another working keyboard and it still doesn't work, all the lights seem to work but it just doesn't respond when I press any keys.

I'm wondering if perhaps some damage has been done to the PS2 port? Is there any way of trying to fix the problem?

And I've tried using a USB keyboard, still this doesn't work.

The keyboard allows me to enter the BIOS though, so I thought that maybe its not faulty?

Thanks for any help offered
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  1. Try testing your power supply >> I had a problem with my keyboard and it turned out to be the power supply was faulty and the power reading were up and down with the voltage
  2. Thanks for the reply. I will probably give this a go, but I'm not that sure if it will solve it - if the device manager is showing that there is a problem with the keyboard, wouldn't it be more likely to be a software problem?

  3. might be a seperate issue but make sure you change the bios setting so that it boots up even if it can't detect the keyboard.
  4. Fixed the problem by doing a system restore.

    Thanks for all the help :)
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