System for audio recording.

Since I'm cheap and I am an advocate for PC instead of Mac I decided that I want a new pc not only for Audio recording but also some video stuff.

Would quad core be the best choice for audio recording? Also, I don't know how much OC'ing I will be doing so would the 9450 be better than the 6600?

My initial decisions for hardware would be:

Asus Striker II formula mobo
4gig Corsair Dominator ddr2
900w psu with a 450w gpu supply
gtx 260 and later down the road will get another to run in SLI
soundblaster x-fi titanium
and Vista 64bit

also, was wondering if blu ray would be worth it to put in....
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  1. If you're going to be recording you should consider an external audio solution. Here's a great thread:

    If it fits in your budget, sure, get the 9450.

    You should really get a 4870. It outperforms the 260, and sometimes it's cheaper. Here's a great mobo and vid card:

    For RAM, here's what I like:
    800 cas 5:
    800 cas 4:

    Here's one of the best PSU's for anywhere near the price:

    I think this is one of the best audio interfaces for the price:
  2. Opinions to Dillinger123 :
    1. Q9450 is obviously better than Q6600. You don't really need Q9450, Q6600 is enough for video editing and/or audio recording.
    2. Your GPU is too much for your need. Your mobo is also to powerfull for auvi needs, specially if you won't OC your system.
    3. You need only 550W-750W for the mentioned configuration, 900 is way too high.
    Your plan looks like a gaming system, that is definitely an overkill to your need, if you are planning only for audio and video works, but if you have the budget, those gaming configuration won't hurt.

    Opinions to thepowerofdonuts :
    +1 for ATI GPU (too powerfull though)
    DDR2 800 CL4 is the best solution (price).
    +1 for Corsair PSU
    Good articles

    Tips :
    1.You can reduce your speification and save your money to buy a good audio video softwares or equipments.
    2. If you are a profesional auvi technician, then you should already know that there are special audio and video devices both internal and external for those kind of work. (I have once been told of this but I have forgotten 'bout those brands and types)
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