GTX 260 and SLI Bridge

I just bought 2 XFX GTX260's that are going to be running in SLI and have a question concerning connecting them. The XFX instruction manual/installation guide is sorely lacking and does not touch up on this:

The cards came with the wide 3 way SLI bridge connector and the narrower 2 card connector. Does it matter which you use if you only have 2 cards? And if you have to use the 2 card connector which of the 2 positions on top of the card do you attach it to? There is a top and bottom since the cards are 3 way SLI compatible and it doesn't mention anything about where to connect the bridge to.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. put it on and if it doesn't work then move it t the next one. You have a 50/50 chance man. And no this shouldn't break anything.
  2. connect it to the bridging interface closest to the rear of the PC if you want a "confirmed functional method"

    But really, it shouldn't matter.
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