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I'm looking for a hard drive in the area of $50. I'm not too concerned about storage size; I'm mainly looking for performance. I'm been trying to get a Samsung Spinpoint F3, but Newegg sold out two days before I was going to purchase it, which was about a week ago. Amazon sold out of them yesterday, but I couldn't purchase it 'till today.

Are there any reputable vendors that have this thing stocked? Or should I just get the WD Caviar Blue 500gb from Newegg? Or any other suggestions, perhaps?

It's important that I get this on my doorstep by this week.
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  1. Samsung Spinpoint-
    I don't see it in stock on any of my normal sites.

    However- I've loved my Caviar Blues, (2x320gb with 16mb cache). I don't think you'd be disappointed in them.
  2. If your looking for performance, the blacks would be better. Certainly newegg has some of those in stock? The Seagate 7200.12s are pretty good to.
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