How to set up wireless and keep hard-wired connection d/l speed

Hello folks,

I want to create a wireless internet connection so that I can access the internet with my laptop anywhere in my apartment. I have a 15 Mb/s high speed internet connection that runs through a Motorola Surfboard(r) modem that is connected to my desktop via an ethernet cable. I'd like to keep the fast speed of this hard-wired connection and do what I can to also make the same signal wireless.

Is this as easy as just buying a wireless router? I'd like to make the addition of creating this hotspot as simple as possible. Can anyone make a suggestion on how to do this?


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  1. Also, the wireless speed doesn't have to be quite so fast, as I hope to use my desktop for downloading large files, or any heavy bandwidth taxing issues.

  2. anyone?
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    Just add a wireless router to you network.
    You may need to bridge your modem. Check with your ISP on that.
    I would recommend purchasing an "N" router.
    Download the router users manual for instructions.
  4. Lyleb,

    I thought that indeed this was the case and I'll inquire further at the store (Staples) to see what I need.

    Based on preliminary researching it seems I'd probably do well with a G router because I think that is what my year old laptop is most compatible with--I'm connected to a wireless connection now that is broadcasting a G-signal. Since road runner turbo only gives me up to 15 Mb/s a G ought to suit me nicely if not become obsolete faster.

    Thank you for the reply! I hope I can award you best answer.
  5. Do you think that a N router would deliver better results?

    I attached a G-router and am having terrific reception with my laptop, but the desktop hardwired to the router has a real tough time loading pages correctly, though shows a blazing fast speed.

    Right now I'm switching the cords in and out so that I can maintain best speeds and effectiveness though I'll run into problems if I want to use both at the same time.
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