Win7-64 VelociRaptors in RAID0 / XP-32 WD Caviar Blue 640GB

I want to set up 2-150GB VelociRapors in RAID0 to run Windows 7-64bit, and install on this disk array FSX Acceleration, Cyrsis, Call of Duty and Call of Duty 4.
I want to us a WD Caviar Blue 640GB disk to run Windows XP-32bit with a few games that won't run on Windows 7-64 (Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1 & 2) and for storage of movie and music downloads. Is this setup possible? What is the order of installation? Install Windows7-64 on the RAID0 disks first? Windows XP on the WD 640GB first? Do I need two partitions on the WD 640GB disk? One for XP and my XP games and one for my Windows7 movies and music?

Thanks for your help. Matt Abilene, Texas, U.S.A.

My current system:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 OC'd to 3.6GHz
M3A78-EM Motherboard
8GB 800MHz DDR2
Sapphire 4870-1GB
WD Caviar Blue 640GB
Noctua NH-U9DO Cooler
Corsair TX750W 750-Watt Power
Samsung SyncMaster2233SW
Lian Li PC-K7B Case
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  1. Install windows 7 first. Then use the disk manager to create your partition. From there you can install win xp to that created partition. You will want to create your raid b4 all of this.
  2. On second thought, I will skip the RAID0 array. Seems like to much trouble. I will go with a 300GB Velociraptor for OS and programs and a 640 WD Caviar Blue for storage.
  3. On third thought, I might have the VelociRaptors in RAID0. Is the motherboard controller ok or should a controller be added?
  4. Matt7777 beware of something I am going through now with Raid 0 setup. Another system had Raid 0 with OS and many other items. The Motherboard went and now I cant get the data off the good drives. I thought I would build a new system and just connect these drives as secondary Raid 0 and be able to read them but it didnt work. I now have the 300 Velociraptor as main drive and have read 50/50 big increase in game performance or so little difference it isnt worth the hassle.
  5. LOL, on fourth thought, I will install 1-300GB VelociRaptor for Windows 7-64 / XP-32, games and applications and install the WD Caviar Blue 640GB for storage of movies, music, photos etc. Bye the way, I love Seagate 500GB Externals for backups. They are small, easy to use, and cool, heat wise. RAID0 for me can wait. SSD's can you install XP on em?
  6. Why not just get 4 Caviar Black drives and run in a raid 10 setup so you have redundancy and performance. Black are inexpensive and great performers.
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