NEW ATI X1650 AGP -Screen goes blank with games/movies

Hi hopefully someone here can help me out

The short version is ... my BRAND new video card 'blanks' out whilst watching movies or playing games and I don't know what might be causing it?

the long version..
It happens whilst playing Counter Strike, but has yet to happen during some intense OBLIVION sessions.
Seems to happen during movies in both full screen and windowed.

Things I have tried
Card says it needed 300 Watt PSU, only had 240 Watt PSU, So I bought a 430 Watt PSU
updating drivers for: Video card, Bios, Sound card
reinstalling driver for card
changing AGP speed to slower setting

monitoring temps - they SEEM to be fine but I dunno what to look for. Noticed it happened a lot when our heater was on, So i turned it off and sat a desk fan blowing in the system case all day and the problem still was there..maybe not as often?
Again i've read around and there seems to be some sort of issue with these cards over heating?

Taking the card out, cleaning AGP slots, making sure its seater properly and power is connected

I read somewhere that your sound card can cause problems (it didnt with the old card tho..) and disabling it might help trouble shoot which I did...and it MIGHT have worked...tho I did get weird blue lines through the display at times.

I wish I could take it out to test in another system but that is not an option. And Im not sure if its ONE thing or MANY things or even if the card is just never going to work with my system.

I bought it new (factory sealed) off ebay. The people I bought it off have said I can send it back for them to test..but if they find nothing wrong with it they will charge me a fee not to mention I would be without it for 2 weeks or more
I'd really like to be 100% sure I've done everything I can before sending it back

Would I maybe be better off getting the nvidea thats in the same price range.

Specs for the rest of the computer are
Windows XP SP3
Pentium 4 3Ghz

sorry this is such a mammoth first post...and really do help someone can help me I am pretty upset
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  1. bump anyone got any ideas, please?

    it just got worse ... started doing it whilst surfing the web (only a specific page tho...)

    I tried putting in another machine but the drivers wouldn't work for windows 2K
  2. Specifically which X1650 is it ? and what make and model is the PSU ?

  3. I have the exact same problem. Sent the board back - got a new one. No change. If anything, seems worse. It is the Pro version of the Visiontek x1650. Got new Thermaltake 500W p.s. 2G memory. Reloaded XP and installed all SPs. Use the Abit IS7 mb. System works flawlessly with previous old ATi All-in-wonder 8300 (a quirky board itself). I have not tried removing my SoundBlaster HiFi board yet.

    Strange thing is there is no pattern. Sometimes it winks out four times in a row! Not happy. This issue is not uncommon, apparently. I know you can cause problems with other conflicting ATi drivers, but mine is a fresh install.

    Any wizards out there?!

    -- Ron
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