Does the Nvidia 9300 chipset support Nvidia Hybrid power?

After cheking around the internet i have both heard that the Nvidia 9300 chipset will support Nvidia Hybrid power and some say it wont and some say depends on vendor.

if possible could sombody clear this up for me.

i been looking around for motherboards with this feature as i think its a great idea and would save heat power and even life span of the card.

but so far i can only find AMD motherboards with this feature, id rather go intel if possible.
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  1. yh does that include the Hybrid power tech? its quite confusing iv read on some review sites of some boards including Hyrid power and others saying it doenst
  2. Its from the nvidia site so it supports HybridSLI
  3. No, only 8100/8200/8300 support hybrid power. Why is 9300/9400 not, i dont know :sweat:
  4. Maziar is right. The 9300 does support Hybrid SLi.

    8100, 8200, 8300, 720a, 730a, 750a, and 780a on the AMD side support it. 9300, 9400, and 730i on the Intel side.

    HOWEVER, the Intel variants do NOT support HybridPower, only HybridBoost. The AMD variants support both.
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