2 x 2gigs or 4 x 1gig?

Hey guys, I am new to system building and have been wondering the difference between going 2x2 vs 4x1 RAM nowadays? I googled it and read some threads and articles about it, but many were dated mid 07, and the latest was early 08. They mentioned that having 4 sticks of 1gig will normally "double the work" for the mobo, compared to just 2 sticks of 2gigs. However, I was wondering if this is still the case nowadays, and what would be a reason to go single sticks over consolidating into 2gig sticks?


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  1. only use 4 x 1 if you already have the ram... You can get good 2 x 2 kits now.
  2. If i were you I would just get 2x 2GB that way you could always upgrade if needed. I,m not sure if more sticks double the work for the mobo, but i do know that amd systems have trouble running 4 sticks of ram at anything above DDR2 800. this might be because of what your talking about.
  3. 1) Some motherboards will have more trouble managing 4 sticks vs. two. If you are overclocking, it will become some sort of an issue.

    2) 2x2gb preserves your option to go to 8gb.

    3) 2x2gb is often cheaper than 4x1gb.

    4) Less heat is generated.
  4. Alright, thanks guys.
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