New computer system boot up problem


I just built a new computer system with these components:

Gigabyte X48 DQ6 Motherboard
4 x 1 GB Patriot 1066 MHz DDR2
Corsair 750W power supply
Intel Core2 Duo E8500 CPU
VisionTek ATI 4870
Pioneer SATA 20x DVD RW
Western Digital 500GB SATA hard drive

When I try to run POST the system cycles the power ON and OFF endlessly.
What could be the problem?

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  1. Try it with just 1 stick of RAM (bad sticks are the most likley issue), and disconnect the HDD. Also check all cables, and MB connections (could be a loose, or disconnected cable) if still no post, try a different PSU (possible, but doubtful). If it still has issues, it could be either the motherboard, or CPU.
  2. I removed 2 sticks of RAM and still the same problem.
    I rechecked the connections and also disconnected the HDD, same problem.
    I also changed the PSU, same problem.
    Now we think it is the MB and will try that tomorrow.

    Thanks for the advice.
  3. I've had bad experiences with Gigabyte motherboards. First one I owned, the BIOS corrupted within 2 weeks. 2nd one I owned, the computer wouldn't even boot, just drive spin ups. Then I tried the 3rd time, featuring a dual BIOS in case one got corrupted. They both got corrupted within about a week. Hence I really only trust ASUS boards now.

    Have you tried another video card as well? I've had bad video cards and poorly seated video cards prevent a POST.
  4. For Gigabyte MB, on another system that my son and I built,
    our first Gigabyte MB had problems with BSOD.
    After we changed from the P35 chipset version to the P45 chipset version,
    then our first system performs perfectly.
    Unfortunately, our second system is having problems with the P45 chipset
    version. We also tried to reseat the graphics card.
    I can also try another graphics card. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. My son and I tried these steps.
    1) replace 4870 card with a known working graphics card : S3 Chrome.
    still cannot boot without power cycling on and off.
    2) replaced memory dimms with new ones.
    still cannot boot without power cycling on and off.
    3) replaced MB with same type.
    still cannot boot without power cycling on and off
    but power would remain on a few more seconds.
    we are probably closer to the solution.
    4) replaced Intel E8500 with same type.
    This fixed the power cycling on and off problem.
    Strange that this would fix it.
    Why does MB/PSU do this power on and off
    if the CPU is defective?
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