Sound on my PC :/

Ok, I don't exactly know where to put this thread.

I have an EVGA 750i FTW motherboard and I am currently using the motherboard's sound card.

Recently, my audio will go up and down randomly during itunes, videos, games and etc. It will go really loud then really soft at any given time.

I did check my drivers and it is all updated.

I did think about buying a seperate sound card to probably fix the problem but I want to know if there is anything that I can do first. The sound card on the motherboard was working fine untill a month ago.


Please move this thread if this is not in the right place.
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  1. I would uninstall the audio driver and reinstall. Sometimes for unexplained reasons drivers get corrupt and dont work correctly and the best way to fix it is to remove and reinstall. Try that 1st and get back here if it doesnt fix it...
  2. Any possibility this is a [powered] speaker problem? Bad sound drivers typically cause "effects," like stuttering, echo, hollowness, etc.
  3. not to be pessimistic but I had the same problem on another board and it was the audio jack itself. Try jiggling the connection between the cord and the comp. wile listening to something . if that causes it to go hi and low you might have to buy a new card after all. also try different devices on it to see if it happens to all devices or just the one that's in now. hopefully one of the former suggestions proves to be more fruitful than the latter. good luck.

    P.S. My friend has a powered speaker setup that dose that when ever he turns the volume knob and I had a set of head phone with a slider that did that. Any time you have a volume knob or slider that you have to physically turn or slide to control sound it has the tendency to wear out and do what you are describing. So take jtt283's advice and check.
  4. I reinstalled the sound driver and it didn't help.

    But I have a knob that I can turn to control my volume. I wiggled the cord and the back and the sound did go wavy.

    I am just going to take the speakers back and exchange for another one.

    Thanks for all of your help!
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