Real Temp, Everest, And Some Strange Numbers

I have a Q6600 G0 processor, which has a published TJMax of 90° C. When I run RealTemp, it has the TJMax set at 100° C. Running Prime95 to get 100% core usage on all four cores results in core temperatures of 70° C max. That agrees with SpeedFan.

Now, here is the interesting part… If I change the TJMax in RealTemp from 100° C to 90° C, RealTemp immediately reports the core temperatures exactly 10° less – about 60° C! And that happens to agree with the temperatures I get in Everest.

So, what is going on?

And, Tom’s Hardware recommends not letting the core temperatures exceed 75° C, but the specifications say it is OK to approach 90° C. Who is right, and why?

Michael W. Gilbert
Frankfort KY
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  1. I never really messed around much with calibrating temperatures monitors, but I would suggest checking out this guide.

    I'm not sure where you are getting your published specifications. The Intel site lists the thermal specification for the Q6600 at 62.2 C. The temperature guide I linked above on TH also lists the Q6600 max at 62C.
  2. The 62.2 degree limit is for the old B3 processor. The 90 degree limit is for the newer G0 version. Here is a link to the article - right here on Tom's Hardware.,news-29460.html
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