ASUS P5Q SE AND Thermaltake Orb II = power connector question

Got a question about the locations of ATX power supply connectors for motherboard and cpu on ASUS P5Q SE mobo.

My current setup:

Asus P5Q SE
Intel CH10
Thermaltake Ruby Orb II Cooler
2x Corsair 2GB PC-8500C5D Dominator Memory Sticks in the "black" banks not yellow.
GeForce9800 GT 512MB DDR3 Graphics Card
Cooler Master CM690 Case

Everything fits well and neat in the CM690 case, which hosts the power supply on bottom of the case instead of up top. But, with the layout of P5Q SE, the power supply connectors are right around the CPU. The system is up and running with installed O/S, et al. no major problems so far.

I would have liked to buy the P5Q Pro which has the power connector on the other side of its memory banks, that seems to be more ideal in terms of running power cables, but P5Q SE is just marginally cheaper.

Should I try to get the exposed CPU power cable away from touching the thermaltake heatsinks? Will this cause any problems?

The case is really fantastic, otherwise highly recommended, so is the Thermaltake Ruby Orb II cooler. The cooler is so big I moved the exhaust fan from the back of the case to the top so they wont compete for air flow. Getting a smaller fan to install under the mobo for additional cooling.

In case anybody wonder if the Orb fits on P5Q SE with those Corsair Dominator spiked heatsinks, it does.

They all fit but the Corsair sticks needs to be installed on the black banks not the yellow ones. If you get a regular memory stick without the tall spikes, it will fit right under the Orb in the first yellow bank.

I have two concerns:

1. The power cable has to go up and above the graphics card to get there.
2. The CPU power connector is right under the Thermaltake Orb heatsink. The cable may touch the heatsink since the connectors are right under it.
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  1. what should I Do with the large heatsink barely touching those ATX CPU/Mobo power cables?
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