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My HTPC turned off last night. When I went to turn it back on, nothing. I thought it was the power supply, so I unplugged the 24-pin connector to the motherboard and plugged it back in. Still no luck. So, I swapped out the power supply. Still nothing. So, I figure it's either the CPU (Intel E6750 C2D) or the motherboard (Foxconn P35A-S). Anyone else have any ideas or definite answers as to what might be the cause?

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  1. what power supply and video card. what memory do you have? if 2 sticks, try one at a time. when you swapped power supplies did you remember the 4 pin auxillary? did you try the clear cmos jumper? tried a different video card, or different monitor?
  2. Yes, I tried swapping the memory from different DIMM slots, using one stick of memory only....I tried swapping the video card as well (HIS fanless ATI3650). I have cleared the CMOS and tried everything else. The power supply is a FSP micro-ATX 300w. The only thing left to try is the CPU and motherboard, which I do not have a spare of either!!!!
  3. Any lights or fans???
  4. No fans, but the motherboard has a built in power button and reset button. There is also an LED by the power button. It is lit. If I move the jumper on the Clear CMOS, the fans move for a millisecond.
  5. I highly doubt there is something wrong with your chip, unless it was improperly handled or improperly cooled.
    (Cooling, sometimes people will install a cpu with applying thermal compound/grease/pad between the cpu and heatsink)

    Try plugging the system into a different part of your house to see if still fails to boot. Your current outlet maybe out or not supplying enough power to start your system.

    I still call the PSU into question. 300W may not be adequite to power your system. I recommend using a 450w+ PSU w/Active PFC for your setup.
    (Silverstone, Antec, PC Power & Cooling)

    Check around your mobo for char marks as a malfunctioning PSU may have caused damage to your components.

    Try swapping the ram modules for modules that are known to be functioning correctly and compatible with your system.

    Foxconn P35A-S.... I personally don't trust this mobo manufacturer so look for bulging capacitors. Good capacitors should be perfectly flat. (may or may not have little slits on the top) Here is an article that should be helpful in identifying bad capacitors.


    If bad capacitors are present then I would recommend replacing the mobo.
    (Intel, Asus, Gigabyte or MSI)
  6. Quote:
    No fans, but the motherboard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motherboard has a built in power button and reset button. There is also an LED by the power button. It is lit. If I move the jumper on the Clear CMOS, the fans move for a millisecond.

    The last time I had this problem it was due to incompatible RAM. So you may have malfunctioning modules in your system.
  7. Thanks guys. Yes, I have tried different outlets. This system was incredibly stable for the past 7 or 8 months staying on 24/7. Since it's an microATX PS, there aren't many options for higher power supplies. I will bring home some different RAM tomorrow and try it out. I double checked the motherboard and everything looks fine. As for the chip, I put the chip in and applied the thermal grease properly and haven't touched it since I installed it. It just seems odd that after 7 or 8 months, it would just die like this. I have been eyeing the new Intel DG45ID motherboard as it will do hardware acceleration and 7.1 sound via HDMI (hopefully bitstream it in the future as well). Maybe I will order it and see if it's the motherboard or not. Just hate spending $130 if it isn't necessary. I know both the motherboard and CPU carry 3 year warranties, but I figure it is going to be a major PITA to get anywhere with Foxconn!!
  8. Oh, and there's just one more thing; if you replace the mobo, chances are high that you will need reformat your system drive and reinstall windows. Using an identical chipset may prevent this.
  9. fleakiller said:
    Any lights or fans???

    Your sig is hilarious!
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