Is there much use in overclocking a video card? (8800GT 512MB)

What would a "safe" overclock really do? Would it me imperceptible unless you volt-modded it, stuck a huge fan near it and cranked the speed way up? I don't want to have to get a new video card but there might be some games coming out that aren't going to like my 8800GT.
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  1. I guess it is hard to give a general answer, but do people "generally" get decent results with overclocking or is it not worth the effort? By the way, I think my nvidia 8800GT 512MB runs at about 50C stock. I haven't really tested what it does right after a gaming session though, just when doing a Orthos check for CPU temps.
  2. the 8800 gt can be clocked to 8800 gtx speeds
  3. Nvidia based cards are generally safe to software overclock. If not there wouldn't be an EVGA precision tool that was designed specifically to overclock nvidia based cards. The tool works really well by the way. You can adjust fan speeds within the software if temperatures are a concern.
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