Stay with the 4870 X2 or buy a GX2 and sli the system???

I bought a 4870 X2 and it runs excellently, but I thought it might be a waste of a GX2 since I have 1...So should stay with the 4870 X2 or just grab another GX2 and Quad them and return the X2???

Thanks for the Opinions:)

I'll be using a 1080p monitor in Sept:p
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  1. so ur playing at 2560x1080?
    well getting another 9800gx2 wont help to much because at that resolution the 9800gx2 doesnt perform well and quad sli doesnt work well (scales bad) and there is alot of issues i heard of in forums with 2 9800gx2.
    i would just stick with the 4870x just sell ur old card or use it in another machine.
  2. invisik said:
    so ur playing at 2560x1080?.

    isn't 1080p 1920x1080?
  3. im not sure either 2560x1080 or 1920x1080.
    But ya look at this site 9800gx2 in quad sli. scaled well in crysis but in cod4 quad sli performed less then sli. so it has its ups and downs.
  4. i think the new driver might improve things but the 4870X2 still perform better then 9800GX2.

    just a thing the physx and cuda MIGHT benefit alot from the second GX2 in the possible future.

    1080i/p is 1920x1080. but if its a TV it might be lower the 1080i when connected to a PC. but if tis a pc monitor then its full hd.
  5. My 24" Monitor is 1080p (technically 1200p) @ 1920x1200 (16:10). 16:9 is the official ratio now, so it will probably 1920x1080.
  6. Wish I could afford that choice! :)
    I`d stick to the single Radeon, it lacks GPU Physx but support is limited and by the time games are using it widely we`ll all be looking for an upgrade anyway.
    BTW, is n`t cuda a development tool?
  7. well the software call badaboom is the 1st product from it it convert video very fast using Nvidia GPU BUT its not free and its not perfect.but i believe other thirdparty company will soon make software to work with CUDA. thats what Nvidia plan and want anyway.

    if you said there are better upgrade THEN, so OP might as well stay with his GX2 i believe it will play everything well at
  8. yes it will be 1920x1080, so I really don't think the ram will be a problem...but I dunno:P I mean I can get another GX2 for around 300$:p so I dunno either the GX2 for 300$ or the X2 for 500$...:S
  9. *ahem* GTX280?? joking!!!lol

    i would get the 4870X2 as 4GPU ALWAYS(90%+) dont scale/not well.
  10. getting one card rather than two is always better because then you won't run into the problem of a game not supporting multiple cards or not scaling well with more than one. plus one may be easier on the psu, and may generate less heat.
  11. i wonder when the GTX280(+) GX2 will come out?or it will be called the GTX380 GX2?maybe?
  12. Damn L1qu1d, tough life choices you have :)

    I think i would keep the 4870X2 and sell the GX2 on ebay or to a friend.
  13. its one of those thing where you have a thing in your hand that can do the job you want well.but you just wanna have the new one because you wanted it and keep upto date.

    sell the GX2 while it still worth something i guess.4870X2 is the most powerful card out now. there is no doubt about it.
  14. iluvgillgill said:
    sell the GX2 while it still worth something i guess.4870X2 is the most powerful card out now. there is no doubt about it.

    Excellent choice, sir.
  15. KyleSTL said:
    Excellent choice, sir.

    Excellent comment , sir!!! :lol:
  16. you could all ways give me the 4870x2, but i dont see where ur coming from if ur happy with the 4870x2 whats the problem
  17. Either way you are gonna get the best performance. Hard decision to make , my quad sli runs sweet as , but I guess if you keep the 4870X2 you can crossfire it later
  18. the only thing wrong with SLI is its got to run on a crappy nvidia motherboard
    ditch the nvidia motherboard and go for intel
  19. lolz yeah I think i'ma sell the GX2. :) Thnx for the reply guys:).
  20. Actually, id take the Quad SLI!
    they still slap most cards on the market today, crysis would benefit from 2x GX2's too.
    If you really must sell it..... let old warcry know:)
  21. Well I am going to keep the GX2 till I can get another 4870 X2 and compare Quad vs Quad sli, if I borrow my friend's GX2:P
  22. Well I bought another GX2, I kept the 4870 X2, and put it in the Secondary computer for now.

    THe GX2 Quad scales really well, atleast witht he latest drivers!! I'm really shocked!

    My vantage score doubled, and Crysis went up by 40%!!!:P

    Quad GX2s perform better than 1 4870 X2 thats for sure!!! So I'll wait for a CrossX motherboard before I put the 4870 X2 in my primary!:D
  23. Haha, if I had your money I would just burn mine. 2 GX2s and one R700....that is just about what my entire system set me back.
  24. lol! well I dunno, this hobby is all I got to keep me busy when I'm not at work or with friends (or at school) haha. :D
  25. Well done, welcome to the Quad Sli club :)
  26. im the same, i love buying new hardware all the time. its so exciting getting new hardware, even the unboxing process of a new gpu is fun :D
    I only have an 8800gtx, upgrading sometime next week. do you think the 9800gx2 is still a good option? all the spotlight is on the ati 4k series and the GT200 series i almost forgot about the 9.
  27. Yup the 9800GX2 is a good choice especially with the price drop
  28. where are you guys? im guessing america?
    im in Australia, every pc shop i use have dropped the GX2. and the only ones i can find are still $500!
  29. Wow, L1qu1d your secondary computer has twice the GFX horsepower as my gaming comp.... *sigh* being a poor college student really sucks sometimes... I am jealous.
  30. lol don't be, I worked my ass off getting this money and have barely any left to spend for fun, the rest go to gas, car, and other things. Your in College, give it a couple of more years, and You'll be able to buy a million of these with your education:D
  31. 1080p is 1920x1080
    1200p is 1920x1200

    p stands for progressive, meaning the frames are shown in one full pass
    i is interlaced, meaning frames are shown with half the lines at one time[dont know how to explain it any better]

    monitors have different aspect ratios i believe 16:10?
    and tv's have 16:9?

    i would stick with the 4870x2, cause 2x 9800gx2's shouldn't yield a great perfomance increase, but will increase your electrical bill....
    i wouldn;t have gotten the 4870x2 in the first place, i think the 9800gx2 can get the job done
  32. yeah but I'm a video card enthusiast lol. I was interested in tri-sli 280 GTX, since its beats the 4870 X2 in Cross, but its really pricey:p and I heard buggy
  33. well the second GX2 only gave you 40% increase isnt good when you got theoratically 100% more in raw horsepower. maybe you can config them 1 GX2 go graphics and the 2nd GX2 do the physics but its sad Crysis dont do physics on GPU otherwise you should see much bigger gain since in the game there is alot/full of physics items.
  34. Im in aus too warcry, we pay rediculous prices here for hardware , bought mine from the states even with the postage costs it worked out cheaper.
  35. in the uk its not any better either.

    check out these site if you got time!:)

    you will be "IMPRESSED"!!!
  36. You gotta love this, 9800 GX2 quad beats the 280 GTX tri-sli LOL!

  37. does it?i dont see it man!where it shows at 2560 TRI-SLI 81 Quad SLI 50!am i reading something wrong?!?!

    where is my glasses.......
  38. and whats the 7900GS doing in the chart!?lol
  39. wait wrong 1 lol here, Crysis is hefty I don't care about that game

  40. and its the game I play most:D
  41. still 1fps less in 2560!"LOOSER"!!!lol

    no more funny ideas!!!
  42. Everytime you post that chart I get excited.LOL
  43. haha

    do you need tissue?lol
  44. Make it a towel LOL
  45. lol I didn't alter it or anything its straight from Guru3D:D you should get excited!
  46. Post it again.LOL ;)
  47. lol

    Anyways I'm off to bed, I gotta wake up and continue Benchmarks lol :D
  48. Oh baby! Do it again.LOL

    Goodluck sleeping...... I couldnt sleep for days when I build my rig.LOL ;)
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