Asus Rampage Extreme compatible RAM?

Question - how reliable and inclusive are MB manufacturers Qualified Vendors Lists? And if they aren't so, what other reliable sources are available to determine compatible, non-problematic RAM. I'm interested in possibly installing 4 gigs DDR3 1600MHz, 2 gig sticks, in a Rampage Extreme. Asus' QVL in quite limited-and is their QVL solely indicative of the RAM they've tested on a MB with all other RAM manufacturers not being able to make the cut or what, or is ASUS web site just lacking? I've read on a number of different sites that people had used OCZ, Crucial, Corsair, etc, 2 gig sticks without a problem. They aren't listed in ASUS QVL Mushkin does not make the ASUS QVL at all.

Having used Mushkin in the past, I'm leaning toward their 2 gig sticks. Their forum site also ran memory tests showing their Ram works on this board. But having said that, where does a consumer go to in order to make an intelligent, ultimately confident buying decision in compatible RAM for a particular MB, quite an important decision by the way? Any knowledge or observation much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. It is indeed only memory that the manufacterer has tested. Most DDR3 memory should actually work with your motherboard, my ram for example isnt on the QVL list of my motherboard either and has no problems running.
  2. I have another computer, that I am building. So far i have got Asus rampage extreme x48, Intel Core2Extreme QX9650, 2 x Ati radeon hd4870x2, and OCZ 1600MHz high perfrmance pc3 12800 ram. Armor+ Silver Noctua NH-U12P. I am wondering, if the ram i have got is combatible.
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