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With explorer six i could save an image from the internet as a desktop item. Now with new explorer i lost that option. Is there another way to
save a pic or a gif as a desktop item?

Thank you in advance,
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  1. A long, long time ago, a person could right-click an image and choose 'save as wallpaper'.

    Too many guys looking at porn either at home or at work were getting busted because in their panic at someone walking into the room, they mis-clicked and there it was, only full-screen size now and no immediate way to get rid of it. (True story)

    Today you must right-click the image and 'Save image as' to grab the picture. You then must right-click the desktop in a vacant area, select properties, click the desktop tab, browse to the folder having the picture and select it manually. There is a 'Position' button there gives control of how the picture will look. Usually, 'stretched' works pretty good to fill the desktop.
  2. Hi Tigsounds,
    Thank you for understendable instruction. Otherwise I would not manage to apply it. But ... it is not a porn and not a stretched pic that i would like to have on the desktop. But a few small photos. I do not know how to send a jpg of my desktop.
    Anyway it is the first step and i`m going to try again according to the instruction.
    When i click the option `centered` nothing appears.
    You say: A long, long time ago, a person could right-click an image and choose 'save as wallpaper'. What i need is: save as a desktop ITEM.

  3. OK, this is a bit different....

    1) Right-click on the desktop
    2)go to Properties
    3)In the new window that came up (Display Properties) click on the second tab called Desktop
    4) Near the ok button is another button that says "Customize Desktop..." click on that
    5) On the next new window called "Desktop Items" click on the second tab called Web
    6) To the right you should see the button labeled "New..." click on that and you'll come across the prompt that lets you pick a picture/item from an internet URL or a file on your computer (the browse button lets you look through your computer)
    7) after you pick your desktop item (the picture/item you just browsed for) click on all the OK's on each window and on your desktop should appear the Desktop Item you wanted
  4. Hi TS,

    The explanation is detailed, just as I need. Will print it, read twice ...
    at least ... and try.
    (BTW nice insect. Would give a fortune to find out how you inserted
    it in your text ... but it is another story.)

    Thank you very much,
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