Upgrading hard drives for Dell XPS 600 - Max and Mix HD sizes??


I am upgrading my 4 year old Dell XPS system from WinXP to Win7. I'd like to add larger hard drives. I currently have 2 - 250GB drives and I'd like to go to at least 500GB, maybe more. I currently have 2 Maxtor DiamondMax 250GB SATA Hard Drives installed.

How can I determine what the maximum size is that my system will support?

Also, can I have hard drives of different sizes installed on the machine or is it similar to RAM where I would need matched pairs?

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  1. You don't need matched pairs of drives; on PCs with more than one hard disk, you will usually see different sizes.

    What determines the drives you can use is your motherboard. Based on your current hard disks, I think you'll be able to use any consumer-level hard drive currently on the market.
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