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sound on my compaq computer is gone
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  1. It is assumed your speakers are indeed plugged in and power is on if they are powered speakers, and they are plugged into the green plug in the computer, unless you have a laptop.

    Sound problems are a progressive matter to solve, from user settings to driver installations.

    Let's start with user settings.

    There may be a sound (speaker) icon in the lower right side of the taskbar. Click it and see that the 'mute' is not checked. See that the sliders for the volume are not all the way down at the bottom.

    Fixed? Yes, have fun; no, continue...

    Click or double-click as needed, these items in the order shown: (but not the ' > ' key)

    Start>Settings>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio (tab)
    There should be a device listed in the top dropdown box (Default Device) showing your audio device.
    If there is no device showing, click the down-pointing triangle and see if your sound card is there, if it is, click on it so it stays in the box after you move your mouse pointer away.

    Now click the 'Advanced' button directly below where you just were. Select the speaker setup you are using. If it is set to 'none' you will get no sound. Then click OK there and again at the bottom of the properties box you are working in.

    Fixed? Yes, have fun; no, continue...

    While you are still in Control Panel, Double-Click the 'System' icon, then click the tab marked 'Hardware' then the button marked 'Device Manager'.

    You may not see everything but a slider is on the right side of the box to move the box contents up or down. Look for any yellow exclamation marks in front of any devices. If there is a yellow mark in front of 'Sound, video and game controllers' click the plus sign in front of this item and see what device is bad.

    Here things get unknown, so if you made it this far down the list, you'll need to return with what device is bad, and the make and model of your computer for us to continue.
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