Need help fixing my link list please, so it's not always broke

It's only on Toms, who knows how to make them work here?

Please, help us help them. I don't speak HTML at all.

Pretty up to date info and buying guide Has EU, AU, NZ stores at the bottom
http://forums.extremeoverclocking. [...] p?t=282232
A great up to date guide
What to do once all the stuff is in the door
http://forums.extremeoverclocking. [...] p?t=312743
Many build logs on MANY cases, great learning tool. [...] p?t=223835

My latest rig:

Forums Not a noob site, but great stickies My fav, good peeps, know their stuff, less hardcore A GREAT Europe site Decent site Why we use distilled water. Or de-ionized in the UK because distilled ain’t available unless your rich.

Tests on equipment, not reviews, truly scientific tests [...] n&ie=UTF-8 Info on rad testing [...] p?t=220593 More rad testing Host for Martins lab and some newer tests Test results, very technical
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  1. Here try this: extremeOCing Water Cooling Buyers link

    @Conumdrum: It looks like you will need to put the links in this format:
    [url=<url here>]<text here; you MUST have some text here else it won't work>[/url]

    Just omit the <> things.

    Here is how the link to the buyer's guide looks like:
    [url=]extremeOCing Water Cooling Buyers link[/url]

    Some idiot messed up the link parsing at Toms. I blame the French admins who appear to be the one's running it now see:
    Post this at Site Feed Back/Forum Related section.

    Btw, the only working link there is the gilgamesh review link. Also could it bee that we are being censored? (see xtremecpu site censor: http://forum.****/

    see, it messes it up by putting in Astrix. If you don't believe me go here: and copy and then paste the link (to xtremecpu) and see.
  2. I will cut n paste, not taking the time to make special entries for this place. The users need it more here than anywhere.

    Shadow, make i so! Make them fix it.
  3. Lol I thought you were asking a programming question about fixing your linked list when I read the subject.
  4. As far as I know, the only website that was added to the filter list was Xtreme Cpu. The link below (which is the same as in shadow's post but without fancy BBCode) works fine.
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