Im Debating...

Okay, i am debating...Im confused, lost. I am not sure what i should get first...

A motherboard and CPU bundle from 159.99


9600GT XXX w/ Call of Duty 4? - 159.99

i am building a budget gaming PC. I have a case already with a powersupply..
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  1. I'd say the answer is obvious.
    Get the 9600GT with CoD4 so you can start playing the game.

    Who needs stuff like a motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDD, DVD, monitor, keyboard and mouse to do that?
  2. um....can i tell you how funny you are.......NONE at all... good one though. seriously. I have a PC right now. My whole family uses it and i am building a budget gaming PC. Should i get the 9600GT XXX and put it in my computer now just to hold me off until i completely build the PC or should i get the Mobo and CPU to continue the build?
  3. Exactly!
  4. We cannot read your mind. It is a pretty stupid question the way you have it worded, with no background information we cannot give you a half intelligent answer.
    What is your current configuration, and why do you feel the need to upgrade?
    What are you planning to build?
    When are you planning on building it?
  5. Hmmmmm...
    I am a litle bit confused here.....
    Don't we need a mobo, a proc, and also at least a GPU to get our computer running?
    Can we play games only with 9600GT and a copy from COD4 without other components?
    Beats me!

    Next time write something a little detailed...hmmm...but not too long though!

    Can we know your current system configuration? proc, mobo, gpu, etc.?
    Only so can we judge the right thing for you.
  6. My Current config.. (remember its a family PC)

    CPU: 2.2 GHz
    Mobo: ? (**** mobo though)
    GPU: ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro. (not god at all)
    Hard Drive: 150 gb
    Memory: 2024 Ram

    Its not a good PC at all. I am into gaming alot and want an alright gaming PC.. and i dont have that much money. i have a Case already with a 575 watt PS.

    I am wondering. should i just get the 9600GT XXX to the old PC or CPU and Mobo for New PC?
  7. Which CPU? E4500? Brand, make and model of PC?
    CPU-Z can pull that info from your PC for you. It will also get the motherboard info.
  8. ^ Yes, we need that info as well to help you decide if it's worth upgrading, or just start over from scratch and build new.
  9. Just a wild guess; You have a Dell Inspiron 530? That CPU is probably C2D E4500?
    And the motherboard is probably a Intel G33 chipset and in BTX form factor.
    Im also guessing your case and 575watt PSU is an ATX case? If so the Dell motherboard won't install in the ATX case.
  10. I would wait and get everything at the same time.
    I realize this will be tough, but unless you know the details about the system you have, the new GPU may not even work.

    It may not have a PCIE slot or the PSU may not work with the more powerful card.
  11. Ok sorry about the delay with response... Here is the following information about my existing computer...

    CPU: AMD Athlon 3500+
    Mobo: MS-7098
    Graphic Interface: PCI Express x16
    Memory: DDR 1024 (x2 512 mb sticks)

    And to clarify. The above information is on my EXISTING PC. The one i use right now.

    I bought a case that came with a 575 watt PSU.

    On Newegg there is a 9600GT w/ COD4 that i want and was wondering.

    Should i use the money to get a motherboard and CPU


    Get the video card and COD4. (i am globally banned on COD4 so i need a new game FAST. match is coming up)


    should i get a GeForce 9500GT (are they any good)
  12. ?. I am looking to make a purchase tomorrow. So a quick reply would be awsome.
  13. 9500gt is horrible dont even think about it.
    If you want something near the 9600gt 3850, 3870 is a choice.
    For the new mobo and cpu, please give us some details about that.
  14. for the mobo and Cpu i am thinking about is this. [...] 6813138105

    + [...] 6819103235

    A big concern is would i be able to put a 9600GT on it? Is it compatible?

    what i mean is like the whole PCI Express 2.0 card going to work with the motherboard i have picked out
  15. ?
  16. -=BUMP=-
  17. Any Help?
  18. My advise is to build from scratch. AMD or Intel it really isnt going to make a huge difference unless you plan on overclocking. Without overclocking the AMD setup may be slightly faster due to a faster clockspeed CPU.

    Intel build: - 2.0 ghz stock, will overclock nicely - P43 gigabyte board

    AMD build: - 2.6 ghz, decent performer at a decent price - another Gigabyte board

    You will probably need new memory - 2 GB of good Mushkin memory
    $35 after rebate

    Myself I wouldnt bother with a 9600 GT video card. Go with a ATI 4850. Much faster and will hold you for awhile depending on the size of your monitor
    $165 after rebate

    Providing the rest of the hardware is up to snuff, $365 or less will give you a solid upgrade.

    And to answer your other question, if it says PCI Express 16X or PCI Express 2.0 16X it will work. They are backwards compatible with each other.

    And when you ask questions here, be polite, give all the information, and youll get a decent answer most of the time.
  19. ok thanks so much...i appreciate it
  20. But i am leaning toward a 9600GT because it is a great deal. Comes with COD4 also. I need a new copy anyway.
  21. Do what you like, however the ATI cards are much faster. And Im talking 50%+ faster, not 5%-10%. Build for long term.

    Glad I could help.
  22. I'll have to agree with Kaldor. The HD 4850 blows the 9600GT away.
  23. yeah but money is an issue. I am only 15. so money is a bit hard to get at the moment.
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