Kingston 64gb V series worth it?

Currently my boot drive is a WD Caviar Black 640gb. I can get a good deal on a Kingston 64GB V Series but was wondering if it would be worth upgraded to use that as a boot drive? Still using Windows XP for now. Would I see real world performance benefits compared to the Cav Black?
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  1. That model is one of the slower ssd's.
    The v40 gig here
    is much faster. Its uses a intel controller. Its the read speeds that allow windows to open fast, same with applications. The write speed is half of what the Intel 80 gig ssd is, but I don't do much writing to it after o/s install. makes the computer seem SUPER fast.
  2. I know the 40gb version is significantly faster and is like a toned down intel which is nice.

    But despite being slow for an SSD, would I see performance benefits from it compared to my WD caviar black 640gb? The main reason I even ask this is that I can get a really good deal on one, but if it's no improvement I would still pass on it.
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