Help overclocking e5200

ok, i don't know how to take a screenshot of my bios settings, but i hope someone can shed a little bit of light for me here.

here are my specs:

Cpu= E5200
cpou cooler= arctic cooling freezer 7 pro
Mobo= Ga-ep43-ud3l
Memory= G.skill 4gb (2x2gb) 1066 ddr2
Power supply= cooler master (dunno exact model, but has 500 whatts)
case= antec 300 with 5 fans all running at full speed

i overclocked my cpu successfully to 3.75 ghz (12.5 x 300) @ 1.375 vcore. the memory is set at auto @ 450 x 2 (900 effective) with default memory voltage (1.8). Cpu temps are 35 c idle and 59 under full load.

i'm trying to up the fsb, but the darn thing will not even boot if i go anything past 300 fsb, even at a 6x multiplier.

i don't know what is holding me back, i've tried different vcore, even went as high as 1.42 (i'm scared to go any higher than that).

my goal is to have a fsb of 333 with a multiplier around 9-10, so that i can run my cpu and memory at a 1:1 ratio. Currently it is at 2:3 (cpu:mem) ratio.

is my mobo limiting me from going any higher? or is it my particular cpu?

i'm happy with 3.75, but i rather have lower mhz in exchange for a higher fsb.

also if i touch anything on the memory settings, my comp won't boot, so i kept all memory settings at auto.
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  1. Quote:
    but i rather have lower mhz in exchange for a higher fsb.

    Why? Give me one legit real world application that benefit from faster FSB than faster speed.
  2. Higher FSB does not scale linearly in performance. It seems counterproductive but you gain practically no real world performance.

    Run your memory at 1:1 by taking the System Memory Multiplier off AUTO and set it to the first 2.00 that you see. You should be able to squeeze a few more MHz out of the coew.
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