Addonics Mini NAS is FAIL with Snow Leopard - Need SMB help

I was given an Addonics Mini NAS ( ) for Christmas. The website and all the reviews said it supported Windows, Linux, OS X, and Xbox 360. Perfect, since I'm a Mac and Xbox owner. I bought a hard drive and set it up... that's when the trouble began.

First, I can connect via FTP to the NAS via any computer. I can SMB to it from Windows computers, but not my Mac. I emailed tech support and they told me that THE MINI NAS IS NOT compatible with OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard." Anyone have any idea how to fix this? They told me they don't plan on patching it any time soon...

Second, the Xbox 360 can see it on the network and connect to it. It lists the video files, but when I try to PLAY any of them it gives the "Disconnected from computer" error code and fails to work. This is DIFFERENT than the codec mismatch error code and, in fact, if I use my computer to share the same video files, the Xbox will play them just fine.

So, in summary, the Addonics Mini NAS that "supports" Mac and Xbox... doesn't.

Now, I'm hoping there are some work arounds you all might know.

1) Is there a way to buffer/play video over FTP? I've tried Plex/XBMC, but they lag too much (compared to when I stream via SMB).
2) Is there a 3rd party (like Samba) way to access SMB shares from Snow Leopard? It seems like the problems stem from the fact 10.6 uses a different security tag than most SMB shares (security=user instead of security=share).
3) Any way to fix the dropped connection to my Xbox?

If no one can help... at least let this serve as a warning. DON'T buy is Addonics Mini NAS if you want to be able to actually USE it.
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  1. Well, I'm not familiar with the particular product... but have you tried contacting Addonics support?
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