Riva Tuner 2.09 and Geforce 177.79 beta drivers not working together

Running XP 32 and downloaded those new drivers and tried running Riva Tuner. I opens, but I am running and SLI setup and when I try and switch between my two cards, the thing bombs on me. Anyone having these problems and know how to fix this? There a new Riva Tuner version that I can't find?
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  1. I'm running the physx enabled 177.83 with Riva 2.09 and there is no problem with SLI. Sometimes reinstalling riva when an incompatible error happens will fix it but you may have to wait till there is an update to riva since both of these drivers are very new. Check out some forums like at guru3d or something and see if anyone else is having the same problem which would mean its a global problem and not just your setup.
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