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I have read the sticky titled: "FAQ: Switching Storage Controllers w/o Reinstalling Windows." Since i am moving my C: drive to the SSD should i have any problems? My current C: drive has 90gb space however only ~30gb are being used. The SSD i am getting will have between 40-64gb space. Will this be an issue? note the C: drive is simply a partion of one of my hard drives. I have another partion hosted on this same drive. Will that be an issue?
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  1. Any help?
  2. Shouldnt be
  3. Ok, Thanks, i realize my post was a slight rambling :/
  4. Switching to an SSD has nothing to do with switching storage controllers. You'll still connect the SSD to the same controller as the old drive (I'm assuming), and as long as you don't reconfigure the BIOS from "IDE Emulation" to "AHCI" or vice versa then you won't have any problem.

    The only real trick is in moving the partition from your existing drive to the SSD.
  5. Ah, i thought that SSD's had their own controller (as in I've seen advice to avoid the "jmicro SSD controllers" ). Im Just planning on ghosting the C: drive however is there a way to boot to the SSD for sure? I want to keep the C: just in case,there is another partion hosted on that drive (meaning i couldn't just unplug it)
  6. You would need a controller if you didnt get sata SSD or if you were using a Raid Controller. Just copy it over. Might have to repair MBR, but thats no biggie.
  7. Awesome, Thanks!
  8. madman1391 said:
    Ah, i thought that SSD's had their own controller.
    Ah yes - well actually they do have an on-board controller (as do hard drives), but it's a different controller than the one that Windows needs to know about. Hard drives based on a standardized interface (ie, SATA) can all be handled in exactly the same way by Windows - the on-disk controller hides all of the internal details. It's just the motherboard controller and the mode it's running in (IDE emulation vs. AHCI) that Windows cares about. (That's a tiny bit of oversimplification too, but I'm going to stop there...)

    Ain't technology wonderful? :sarcastic:
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