Using atiflash to flash 4870 Bios-Help!

I don't understand how to run atiflash. I know you have to do it from DOS, but i don't know how to get into DOS?

I googled it, but people just say to make a bootable USB? I don't know what this means, and i don't know how to do it. Any help is GREATLY appreciated, i've been smashing my head againist the table for a while now.
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  1. I just did it to adjust the variable fan speeds of my 3870 and OC it--but did NOT use atiflash. I used rbe bios flash to edit the bios, along with atiwinflash to post to bios. It was so easy, that I honestly forgot the steps--so I am sure you can do it with little trouble. Anything with DOS scares me, and this did not involve DOS in any way.
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