Would it fit\do diffrent OEMs have diffrent lengths?

I have like a fan in my dell e510 on part of my mother board and if a card is too long I'd bet it would hit it; I measured and it seems to be about 10 1/2 inchs of clear length but if this card is really 11 freaking inches or something I don't think I could fit it?

PNY GeForce 8800 GT for only 120 dollars and free shipping on new egg I really need this card and also want it badly however I just can't find some place that has the dimensions of it not the box or shipping box... anyone know? or if I could squeeze it in?

IF NOT could you find a card just as good same price or EXTREMELY close to the same price I wana play COD4 max settings 1280x1024 atleast with a good 50 fps? or so maybe I couuld like take of the case for this fan but its weird it is more or less built into the case and has some weird looking square walls of diffrent sizes shaping a "U" off of the mobo if that helps at all lol
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  1. The dimensions are: 9in long x 3.5in wide x 1.5in thick (maybe more depending on cooling solution)

    (posted previously by darius_n see: Tom's Hardware Forums » Graphic & Displays » Graphics Cards » 8800 GT Card dimensions ?)
  2. nvm its exactly 9 inches but just the tiniest tad bit longer than the evga :D it will fit with atleast an inch to spare (so maybe the intake of the fan will exhaust ITS fan :D) ty if anyone attempeted to help you guys here all deserve 50 bucks ~.^

    ty Ih8u
  3. Remember to take the power connector into account tho (can add up to 2 inches if you have a cluttered case) personally I'd get a new case elsewhere, then transferr everything over. (make sure the PSU can handle it as well, if not, factor a new one into the budget too)
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