mini pci-e to desktop pci or pci-e???

I searched around the internet, but couldn't find an adapter like this. I have a spare Intel 4965AGN internal wireless laptop card. It's a mini pci-e card. Is there any adapter or way to use this card on a desktop?

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  1. Did you ever find a satisfying answer to your question Dan? I'm asking because I have a similar problem myself. Is there anyone on here who can help me come up with a way to hook up my Broadcom 4321 mini PCI-e to my desktop?

  2. Buy a PCI wireless card there not expensive.
  3. Sorry but that doesn't answer the question. If you don't have anything constructive to say, just don't post.

    Merry christmas by the way :)
  4. need to actually read the op sometimes... ignore, that links just for laptop cards to pci.
  5. Hehe, thanks for trying though.

    That's the only one i could find. That will start you on a quest to find one locally lol
  7. Would it look something like this:

    MP2W Mini PCI-E / PCI-E adapter ver 2.11

    courtesy of the shameless modders at
  8. I am also interested in an answer to this...for a similar reason. I have a ssd, which is mini-pcie, which i want in my pc, since it turns out my mini-pcie in my lat d531 doesn't support ssd's...
  9. 09/22/2009 10:05:53AM Session Started with Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842)
    09/22/2009 10:05:56AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Thank you for contacting Dell, my name is Karla. How may I help you?"
    09/22/2009 10:06:11AM xx: "i have a laptop that i want to use a ssd with"
    09/22/2009 10:06:26AM xx: "its a half mini pcie2 16gb drive"
    09/22/2009 10:06:41AM xx: "the laptop has a half mini slot"
    09/22/2009 10:06:48AM xx: "but it doesn't recognize the drive"
    09/22/2009 10:07:18AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "I'll do my best to assist you with your concern. Let me just pull up your records here. May I have your phone number? Thanks."
    09/22/2009 10:07:20AM xx: "i read online that some laptops have to have a bios update for it to recognize this newer(ish) technology"
    09/22/2009 10:07:34AM xx: "xx"
    09/22/2009 10:07:54AM xx: "or it could be under xx"
    09/22/2009 10:08:06AM xx: "xx"
    09/22/2009 10:08:07AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Thanks."
    09/22/2009 10:08:17AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "A number where I could reach you would be great."
    09/22/2009 10:08:29AM xx: "xxx"
    09/22/2009 10:08:58AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Thanks."
    09/22/2009 10:09:06AM xx: "you'll probably be picked up by the lady at the front desk, my name is xx"
    09/22/2009 10:09:14AM xx: "bah sry"
    09/22/2009 10:09:18AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Ok."
    09/22/2009 10:09:22AM xx: "thats already there ;-)"
    09/22/2009 10:09:48AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "This is for a a Latitude D531, correct?"
    09/22/2009 10:10:03AM xx: "tyes"
    09/22/2009 10:10:04AM xx: "yes"
    09/22/2009 10:10:11AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Ok."
    09/22/2009 10:10:18AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Could you tell me further about the issue?"
    09/22/2009 10:10:59AM xx: "I put the card in and it didn't do anything basically"
    09/22/2009 10:11:04AM xx: "i took out the wireless card"
    09/22/2009 10:11:16AM xx: "put in the ssd"
    09/22/2009 10:12:20AM xx: "and it didn't even prompt me or say anything about finding new hardware, i also double checked in My Computer/manage, then disk management"
    09/22/2009 10:12:45AM xx: ""

    09/22/2009 10:12:50AM xx: "thats a link to the product"
    09/22/2009 10:12:54AM xx: "so u know what i'm talking about"
    09/22/2009 10:15:44AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Ok."
    09/22/2009 10:15:53AM xx: " is the place i purchased it from"

    09/22/2009 10:16:06AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Definitely, it would not detect the ssd using the PSMSIA slot."
    09/22/2009 10:16:32AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "**PCMCIA."
    09/22/2009 10:16:46AM xx: "so you're saying the wireless slot which is exactly the same pin count as a pci-e and fits perfectly...isn't a pci-e?"
    09/22/2009 10:17:04AM xx: "pcmcia = the slot in the side right?"
    09/22/2009 10:17:12AM xx: "this is under the keyboard"
    09/22/2009 10:17:35AM xx: "i'm not trying to fit a usb in to a ethernet jack ;-)"
    09/22/2009 10:17:45AM xx: "/has seen someone do that b4"
    09/22/2009 10:18:05AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Yes."
    09/22/2009 10:18:14AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "The PCMCIA is just for Express cards."
    09/22/2009 10:18:18AM xx: "right"
    09/22/2009 10:18:21AM xx: "i'm not using that"
    09/22/2009 10:18:25AM xx: "the built in wireless card"
    09/22/2009 10:18:29AM xx: "is under the keyboard"
    09/22/2009 10:18:43AM xx: "which is what i removed, and put the pci-e card in to (mini-pcie"
    09/22/2009 10:19:14AM xx: "i'm 99% certain its a mini-pcie slot"
    09/22/2009 10:19:21AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Let me check."
    09/22/2009 10:20:05AM xx: "its the whole...put in at a45 degree angle, and it snaps in to place etc..."
    09/22/2009 10:22:44AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Yes, that's it."
    09/22/2009 10:22:56AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "An ssd would not be working on the slot."
    09/22/2009 10:23:17AM xx: "it works in dell mini's"
    09/22/2009 10:23:22AM xx: "same slot"
    09/22/2009 10:23:41AM xx: "was just curious if it was a driver issue, OS issue or bios issue"
    09/22/2009 10:26:36AM Agent (LIBg_Karla Mae_195842): "Yes, it would not work."
    09/22/2009 10:26:44AM xx: ">.>"
    09/22/2009 10:26:55AM xx: "thx for your time"
  10. Did you see this one? The website's a bit funky, but it looks like the right card. I'm looking for one too.


  11. I found Soarland made new mini pci-e to pci-e, below link

    They had 3 or so different kinds. I have a ssd, so the ssd one hopefully will be good for me. However there were 2 listed for wireless as well.
  13. Look at , they have plenty of Mictor, Samtec and MinPCIe breakout adapter. Very reliable 4 PCB layers at reasonable prices. Mictor Breakout Adapter Samtec Breakout Adapter miniPCIe breakout adapter

    marchewd said:
    I searched around the internet, but couldn't find an adapter like this. I have a spare Intel 4965AGN internal wireless laptop card. It's a mini pci-e card. Is there any adapter or way to use this card on a desktop?

  14. Hi Dan,

    Got a question for ya.

    Did you ever get the mini pci-e to pci-e adapter to work with your intel 4965AGN?
    and if so, did it requires any special chipset on your desktop?


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