Sata Raid connectors used as individual drives?

Hello all,
I want to use an old Asus K8n-E deluxe for my file server. It has 2 black SATA connectors, labeled sata1 and sata2. On the bottom it has 4 red sata connectors labeled sata1 raid, sata2 raid, sata3 raid and sata4 raid. Can those be used as individual sata drives?

So if I plug 4 drives into those and run them as drive: C, D, E and F? and leave the regular black ones not used.
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  1. If it says SATA1raid and so, on these connections can be used for idividual drives but they most likely are controlled by a second drive controller and not the southbridge chip. You may have to check that this secondary controller is set to enabled in the BIOS and it may also have a type setting as well that needs to be set to SATA instead of RAID.
  2. The Setting / Mode you are looking for is called JBOD (just a bunch of disks). ...Seriously...
  3. Am also wanting 2 do the same thing as marekw.
    but i got a asus p5w board with sata1 sata3 sata4 ports,plus a sata_raid1 port and ez_raid1 and ez_raid2 port,as ov now i got my os on sata1.
    with sata3 and sata4 as backup drives.(sata3 films drive).(sata4 games drive).sata_raid1 is also a backup drive.(sata_raid1 music drive).and got ez_raid1 as a software drive,but if i plug a drive in the ez_raid2 port it doesnt show up at all,not even in the bios,i dont want 2 raid any ov them but would like 2 get the last 1 2 work as a individual drive.can anyone help me with this please.
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