Hybrid Crossfire on 3 monitors failing..

Gd day all.

I've recently bought something to upgrade my system.

-Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H (HD3200 Integrated)
-Asus Ati Radeon HD3450
-3x 1GB Kingston 800Mhz RAM
-26" Samsung SyncMaster 2693HM (Center)
-2x 22" Sanssung SyncMaster 2232BW (Left / Right)
-Windows Vista Ultimate X64 SP1

My goal with this Hybrid crossfire configuration was to increase my preformance which will definitely work compared to my old system. But the main thing was to Use 3 monitors on Extended mode.

I used to run on Extended mode with a Ati Radeon x1950xt on 2x DVI output.
This was on Windows XP.

Now i'm forced to use Windows Vista because of the Hybrid CrossFire.
Here is what i did:

Installed the system, with all 3 monitors connected to the PC.
1 monitor on VGA (will be HDMI later)
2 monitors on DVI.

Bios Flashed to Version: F3 (can go further to F5.. but i'm not sure this would do any good)
Set the Primary display to "PEG" in BIOS, This was the only option of the 3 that would allow me to enable Surroundvieuw.

Booted PC, Shows me 2 screens in clone on Windows Vista and 1 screen in extention.
From this point i installed ATI's catalyst control center 8.7 and It's drivers.
Rebooted system.

What i got was good. All 3 monitors showed me what i wanted. 1 extented desktop.
But, Crossfire was Disabled at that time.. as soon as i enabled it, the Monitor on the Discreet Card Failed to Diaply..

Does anyone know what i could do?
I have tried everything i know.. Flashing Bios, different drivers, Different VGA/DVI ports.. nothing seems to work out.

Thx in avdance ;)
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  1. This was suppose to happen. I have 2 Radeon 4850's running in Crossfire and I run 3 monitors. When you enable crossfire you are telling the computer you want all the graphics power to go to one card. Once you do this only this card can display anything. If the card has two plugs then you can still display 2 monitors in crossfire but any monitor plugged into the other video card will be disabled as this video card is now sending all its power to the other card. Best thing to do is setup a profile for gaming and one for regular use. The gaming profile would be the one with crossfire enabled, the other profile would have crossfire disabled and thus allow the use of all 3 monitors.
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