Core i7 920 @ 4.0 Ghz in Prime95

I've OC'd my core i7 920(c0) to 4.0ghz, and it idles at around 60*C, I'm using a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme HSF, is this normal, or too high at idle?
When running prime95 under full load my cpu hits 90*C!
Should I downclock my cpu, and how long should I run prime95 to test stability at this clock?
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  1. Generally people run Prime95 at least overnight to determine if a system is stable. However, if your load temps are around 90C, you SHOULD NOT run prime 95 for more than a couple minutes until you get them in check. The i7s should not exceed 70C to be safe.

    Your heatsink is not the greatest, but I don't think it's that bad either. Do you have an unusually hot room? Bad case airflow? Did you perhaps put on too much or too little thermal compound when you mounted the heatsink? Is the fan on the heatsink running ok? And what CPU core voltage are you using on your overclock?

    Also, what program are you using to check your temperatures?
  2. I'm running it at 4.0ghz, and the core voltage is at 1.395v, and I'm using CoreTemp to check the temperatures.
  3. That's a pretty high voltage, so it could just be how your heatsink performs at those settings. You might consider reseating the heatsink if you would like to keep your settings, but I would say you are running too hot to stay there without some sort of change.
  4. Down clock it. At this temp, you'll fry the chip. WHat's your voltage?
    First run OCCT for 2 hours, then run prime for 8 hours. If everything is smooth, then you're set.

    Guess I replied a tad too late. Ignore the voltage question but that's a little on the high side.
  5. So should i try lowering the voltage? I just downclocked to 3.5, idling at like 55c now.
  6. Yes, try all means to stay idle at below 50C
  7. got it at 3.5ghz , 1.066v, bout to run prime 95..
  8. thanks for the advice im now idling at around 48, 100% load i got to 68c highest, gonna get prime95 goin for about 8 hours..
  9. That's fine - you could even push it a bit higher if you want. As long as full load is under 75-80 (and I mean that it doesn't exceed 80 even if you run Prime95 largeFFT for 8 hours), it's fine.
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