Webstar Modem Strange Lights Blinking

This morning my internet was working just fine. I am using a Webstar modem, apparently a DCP2100 model. I went home for lunch from work and found my internet wasn't working. Usually if there is an outtage the PC, Cable, and Power lights stay on while the Data lights just do nothing. When I checked my modem lights they were doing something I have never seen before. First the PC light would flash once then the Cable, Data (Send & Recieve), and Power light would all flash at the same time once. Repeat from the PC light. I am confused. Never in my life of cable provision have I seen a modem do this. Any ideas? It could possibly be just be a fluke but I wanted to ask here so I could take any advice home with me in case it is doing the same thing. I have considered calling my cable provider, and will if nothing avails here. The problem is they are a middle man I am forced to use and usually just try to blame the equipment in these situations.

Thank you in advance for any help. This community has helped me before and I can't help but come back due to the great help and advice.
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  1. I have had nothing but problems and internet loss since the Webstar modem replaced my old ten year old modem which never dropped a single. Now I lose my single 2-12 times a day.
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