will a 6200 able to get this working?

hey guys, i am sorry to bother you guys
i am a poor student... and i broke my old monitor a week ago
i am using a 6200LE card, very very old
well, still able to play a lot of games....

the problem is that, i want to purchase new monitors
so here is the choice maybe i want to have

let say, for any new monitor like that one, will a 6200LE card still able to work?
I hear that old card does not work on new monitor...
i really don't have the money upgrade my card
if i do, i should upgrade the whole pc then...
but... please tell me the truth...
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  1. Hmm?

    Maybe you're being confused by the cables......

    Just look for the monitor that uses VGA cables. It will work mo matter what monitor.
  2. Yes the 6200LE will still be able to work. My wife gamed (low power games like Diablo2, WOW, Neverwinter nights) and others with a 22 inch 1680x1050 monitor on it. Don't expect it to play modern games at high settings.
  3. thank you !!!
    so as long as it it using a vga, even a 5 years old card will work with a new monitor

    ^^ great
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