790FXB Southern fans supplying low power

Hi, just bought myself a new system and i was curious if anyone else had any similar issues to mine, or if this means something might not work properly. I'm still getting everything setup but i noticed that my fans plugged in south of the first pci express slot arn't working properly. I've had boards that supply no power to these, but would not expect this from dfi with what i've had in the past. The odd part is when i tested the ports with a fan i knew worked, the leds would dimly light and the fan would try to start but fail. This tells me that the ports are supposed to function. Does this mean that the board might not be getting enough power, or is it potentially more serious than that? Any advice would be apreciated.

System Info:
AMD 9950
2x Corsair 2GB @1066MHz
Radeon HD4870 1GB
Corsair HX1000W
Audigy2 ZS
2x 74GB WD Raptor Raid0
2x 1TB WD Raid1
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  1. When you say south of the first PCIe slot are you talking about the four pin connection marked as SV/12V because if you are thats not a power output its a power input. Its for a four pin connection from your power supply to supply additional power for the Video Card in PCIe Slot1 there is another for PCIe Slot2 just like it for a Video Card in that slot. Seems DFI desided to use the same connector for a floppy drive to supply additional power instead of a four pin Molex connector that most other companys use.

    The 3pin connection directly above PCIe Slot1 is a fan connection, please refer to page 38 of your manual to see all six fan connectors and to page 41 in the manual for the explination of the four pin power inputs.
  2. Yes, I know of the 4 pin connectors but the connectors that I'm refering to are 3pin connectors labled fan4 and fan5. I guess i could've said south of the south bridge, but what I meant was the region, not the location. I just find it odd that both are acting in this manner, but the other 4 connectors seem to be working fine.
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