Crackling sound after graphic card switch.

I think i'm going crazy, will my pc ever work properly? :cry:
Ok, after switching between two graphics cards (NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT to Radeon X1600, 7600 where broken) ive getting this sparkling/cracking sound when I playgames/music/movies etc.
I've already checked if it is the speakers by plugging in my iPod but they work fine.

My soundcard is a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2.

Any tips? :(
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  1. Are you using Vista or XP? cause i think the Vista doesnt support Audigy2.

    Could be interference from the new card or something. Can you try another GPU?
  2. Im using Vista, though it worked just fine before the switch.

    I could switch back to the old graphics card, eaven if it is partly unstable.
    But if the crackling stops we'll know if it is the "new" card that's effin things up.
  3. The crackling may be due to sound card getting strangled in bus bandwidth by the more powerful graphics card. Increasing pci latency window for it might help.
  4. I changed the latency, up and down... from 005 to 200. No change.
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