Overclocking specs - i7 920 (3.8 GHz) ASUS P6T Deluxe Antec 900 V8

Antec 900, ASUS P6T DELUXE, SLI x2 EVGA GTX280, KINGWIN Mach 1 ABT-1000MA1S Modular,CORE I7 920 OCed (2.66 -> 3.7 GHz),Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D,WD Caviar Black 640GB, CoolerMaster V8

3.80 GHz

Ai Over Clock Tuner: Manual
CPU Ratio Setting: 20.0
BCLK Freq: 190
PCIE Freq: 100
DRAM Freq: DDR3-1523 MHZ (9, 9, 9, 24 2T)
UCLK Freq: Auto
QPI Link Data Rate: Auto

Dram Timming Control (Auto for all)

CPU Voltage: 1.30
DRAM Bus Voltage: 1.64
CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled

Turbo: Disabled

Prime95 12 hours
Full load Temps: 74 73 73 70
Ideal Temps: 37 36 39 35

I hope this helps someone.
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  1. what is spread spectrum, anyone who overclocks disables this, why what does it do?

    and what is speedstep?

    and if i put the PCIE Freq at auto would that burn or do damage to the graphics card? and at what volts it should be on to be very safe.

    and when overclocking the BaseClock aka BCLK, does that effect the PCIE Freq or effect anything for the Graphics cards? im asking this because when overclocking the BCLK it effects the Ram QPI and CPU, but not sure about if it Effects the PCIE or Graphics card in any way.

    any help would be appreciated.
  2. Take a look on the main Overclocking Page. There is lots of info you can read at the very top.
  3. please i want an answer from someone with his own words, because going throw that topic is a headek.

    and Mark_K opened this topic for a reason.

    thanks one-shot, but i really prefer a quick answer from here : )
  4. I use to know what Spead Spectrum was but I forgot.
    I was told by the person that intuduced me to OCing to disable it.
    Try doing a web search and let us know what you find out.

    SpeedStep allow the CPU to throttle up and down to conserve power and temps.
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