Cheapest pc possible meant to remote into fast vista pc

I'm seriously considering the idea of getting a very cheap pc and monitor, to use to remote onto a fast main pc running vista. You can see the thread about it This would effectively give the ability to have two users running at once on one pc setup. (the cheap pc would be a bridge per-se) If you know anything about this, please reply. Would should I do to "build the bridge" lol.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I was looking at this myself,to play some older games on that hate new hardware.

    Intel Atom Motherboard/VGA combo

    ITX formfactor case/power supply

    2 gigs of RAM

    thats the base system,of course you would need a hardrive (I would suggest getting a 2.5'' laptop HDD to have more room in that small case),an optical drive maybe,and you might need a PCI video card if the onboard cant handle what your doing.

    But I built a system for $250 (not really,just threw stuff in my shopping cart),that was with a DVD drive and a ATI 9250 PCI video card. I already have an 80 gig laptop HDD laying around
  2. This is what you need, to do it hassle free and get it done right.
  3. roadrunner197069, thank you. Well, I just hacked my vista-server-ish pc to allow concurrent user sessions, and if I am right, I should just need to buy a thin client, a monitor, hook it up, and bam. Two users using one computer. The only uncertainty is my wacom tablet. What thin client can I get that will support 1440x900 with 32-bit color?

    Thanks everybody, I THINK I FOUND THE SOLUTION!!!

    EDIT: Did more research
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