What is most effective way to partition a drive? [performance]

Does the partition scheme in a drive impact performance?

Would a boot drive perform best in a single partition drive or under one of the partitions on a 4 partition split drive?

What could impact performance?

MBR? Allocation unit size? Logical drive sizes? Be it in Extended partition? Primary partition?

I'm not very knowledged in the subject. Please point me in the right direction. :D

What is the best way to partition a drive for performance? And what advantages lie in having one, two or

more partitions? What's the logic and benefits behind partitioning?
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  1. Partitioning a drive is like slicing a pie, it creates virtual drives from one drive. There are no performance advantages in partitions, other than a smaller partition may have a smaller File Allocation Table, making file look up quicker. Lots of good info on the Internet, here's one...

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