XP Splash screen freezes on boot

Im having troubles with my desktop that I built about a year ago. The Computer will power on and give one beep and enter into the splash screen with the windows xp loading bar. It will continue on this for about 3 seconds on which the screen looks like it glitches and halts the loading on the loading bar and refusing to continue loading. The bar moves very slowly after this happens but never loads.

This glitch in the splash screen happens every time I load. Sometimes it will load. Other times it will not load for a week or two.

I can enter into safe mode, but not with networking.

I have also done system restore to a long time ago, but this doesnt seem to help.
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  1. Try uninstalling your ethernet drivers and see if it will load, normally if you have a corrupt driver you will get the blue screen of death but give it a try you never know.
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