Overclocking E8600 on an EVGA 790i mobo.....

hello! i would really appreciate a little help on overclocking JUST my cpu from stock(3.33ghz) to 3.6ghz. i have a great system, but i just wanna put a little extra juice into the cpu! if it's possible to do this without changing the voltages, memory setting, ect..... that would answer my prayers!! here's my rig: vista home premium 64-bit intel e8600 wolfdale at 3.33ghz 2 wd 300g hard drives in raid 0 2 nvidia/evga gtx 280's in SLI evga 790i ultra sli mobo(132-ck-nf79) 4 great internal fans(2 case, 1 cpu, 1 video card) im fairly new to the game, so go easy on me!! haha.... thanks to you all for helping! j
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  1. Yeah dude!

    The 790i is fairly easy to overclock on for beginners and that cpu is the best dual core for overclocking.

    You should get a new heatsink for starters. I reccomend the Core contact freezer because it is cheap and efficient.

    You should also increase the voltages a little bit. Because you will waste all that power if you dont. Read all the guides for overclocking etc. etc. If you need any help or have any ?'s while reading the guides just post back here.
  2. hey brotha! thanks for the reply! yeah, iv'e read and read and read!!!! i guess all i really want to do is oc the cpu to 3.5ghz, thats all! my multiplier only goes up to 10x in the pheonix bios and obviously the fsb is 333. so, i guess my question is, since it's such a small oc, can i just raise the fsb to the cpu to 350 without changing anything else safely? also, i understand how to "unlink" the settings in the bios so i don't raise the fsb to the whole system(memory, pci, ect......), right? thanks man!

  3. Yeah, you need to unlink it.

    But you should be able to get pretty high without a voltage increase. If i were you though i would toss a aftermarket air cooler on there then raise the voltage and put it at 4ghz.

    Watever floats your boat though.

    This is more a question that needs to be tested bro. ;) Just try reaising the fsb to 350 and see if its stable. All i can say is that it should work out. ;)
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