fans spin, stop, spins again but no boot

I don't get any video signals, no confirmation beeps or anything. all the lights and fans go on for five seconds, then stops, then on again but nothing else happens.

Strangely this happened after I swapped in a new LCD. The problem happened once before but I re-fitted everything and it went away. this time I've already un assembled and re assembled the thing a dozen times and I still get the same problem.

running on a GA-P35-DS3L, Q6600, 8800GTS 320MB, 2GB Crucial Ballistix, 7200rpm 300GB sata drive
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  1. Sounds like endless power cycling to me.

    unplug power cord, wait 5 mins, remove battery from mobo, clear cmos for 5 mins, put battery in, try each stick of ram in each slot, hook up power. Repeat this step until the pc posts. If it does, load bios defaults & set up ram in bios. Up vdimm to 1.9v or 2.0v. Install the rest of ram.

    If it doesn't post, rma mobo to the store or gigabyte.
  2. I've already tried resetting the CMOS multiple times. No dice. Thanks for the rma link tho I have a feeling that's my only real option right now...
  3. I had this problem with my new system.
    After replacing the MB, the problem disappeared.
    Because the only difference is that you added
    a new LCD monitor, why can't you try the old monitor
    to see if it can still work.
    If your system works with the old LCD monitor,
    there must be some weird interaction between
    MB, BIOS and LCD driver.
    The RMA for MB seems reasonable since
    I had to also replace my MB in order to get rid of this problem
    with my first system build.
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