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I installed the PhysX driver for my 9800GX2 last week, and ever since, have had issues with some games, most notablly Company of Heroes.

After playing for about 30 minutes online, the game would stall for a split second, then all the GFX will get corrupt. Doing a quick alt-tab fixes the issue, but the entire systems hangs about 10 minutes later.

Also, its not temps, as they never exceed 70. Going back to the 174 drivers fixed the problem (for 5 hours of constant arty barage at least :D). Anyone else have any problems with this driver?

I'd post in the NVIDIA forums, but my work blocks the site...
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  1. From what i know and have heard alt-tab refreshes the graphics memory buffer which would sugest that the extra usage that is the Physx part of the equation is maxing it out. I guess there are a lot of extra textures being thrown about when using Physx. I could be wrong but thats what i think may be going on.

  2. Which drivers? I've installed 177.39 and get artifacts in the PhysX maps for UT3 as well as other types of corruption in the menu, as well as some issues in Oblivion after playing for a while. Never happened before 177.39 (BETA btw), but I have a new card coming via RMA to see if that helps.
  3. It was the latest drivers giving the issue. And CoH doesn't use PhysX, so thats not the issue.

    I rolled back to 174.(i forgot the exact version, Ill check when i get home).
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