2 fans in case, 1 slot in motherboard.

Hi. My pc case has 2 fans, one in front and one in back. But my motherboard has only one 3 pin fan header.
If i use a y-splitter cable, does it cause any problem to the motherboard?
Or if i use the front fan directly from psu, does the fan run at max speed at all times?
Which of these choices of connection is better?
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  1. Both will work fine. Installing the fan to the PSU will cause it to run full speed, but you can buy items (Fan Controller or Adapters) to adjust its speed. If you go off the m/b header remember to check the amp's on the fans not to overload and burn the header up.
  2. FYI, I hooked up 3 80mm fans to one connector on the motherboard, and had no problems...
  3. Well I have no doubt that a couple of fans could be run from one connection on the motherboard; however, that is not recommended. As AgirlBuild correctly pointed out there could be a problem if the fans draw too much current (amps). A better solution would be to just connect the cpu heatsink fan to the motherboard connection and connect the case fans to the power supply. if for some reason you feel the need to reduce the speed of the case fans, then you could get a fan speed controller.
  4. Sorry for late reply. Thanks for your help.
  5. You're welcome.
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